Tour Summary:
The focus is simply to obtain good photos of beavers in their habitat. You will have access to a private hide that will give you the best opportunity to take photos or video of beavers whilst they behave and interact naturally.
Dates: Throughout July and August
Site: Private access sites within Devon

Target Species:
Eurasian Beaver and an outside chance of Otter


You will be escorted to a hide which has been specifically located to provide the best views, lighting and distance for photography or video. More often than not, the location of the hide will be close to a beaver lodge where most interaction between adults and any kits will take place. However, there is also the possibility of using hides that focus on trying to capture a particular type of pose such as grooming, scent marking or feeding.

Hides: The hides that we use are canvas photographic hides for two people.
The hides will only be available during July and August when the chances of photographing beaver kits is high.

To Book: These tours cannot be booked through our online booking system.
Please email us and we will arrange suitable dates for you.

Some examples of photos you could achieve with patience…

Eurasian beaver and young kit on the River Otter by David White

Eurasian beaver and recently born kit on the River Otter by David White

Otters playing on the River Otter by Chris Townend

Female Eurasian beaver on the River Otter by Chris Townend