Welcome to Devon Beaver & Wildlife Tours!

We specialise in evening walks to see beavers and full day tours to watch other wildlife in and around East Devon. Our team is based in the beautiful coastal town of Budleigh Salterton situated by the River Otter, in the heart of beaver country! We have many years experience in providing high quality tours gained from our lead guide, Chris Townend, who owns Wise Birding Holidays, also based in Devon.

Our Beaver watching season has ended for this year as the beavers now become mostly nocturnal.
Our tours will start again in April 2022 so please join our E-Newsletter to be the first to find out when our booking system re-opens for 2022.

Why book with us?

Years of dedicated field experience watching beavers

We have been studying our local beaver population since 2014 and live right in the heart of beaver country. Therefore we truly understand the animals’ habits and always have the most up to date news on the beavers’ activity.

We are out looking for beavers every day in Summer

The beavers are so close to home that we can invest numerous hours in the field and we are very good at finding tracks and signs. This dedication often leads to us finding beaver lodges. If these are in suitable areas for viewing, this gives you the best chance to watch beavers.

Small group sizes for Devon beaver tours

We take a minimum of two or three (dependent on tour) and a maximum of six people.

Exclusive sites to see beavers in Devon

The River Otter near Budleigh Salterton is now well known as the “honeypot” site to see beavers and as a result, it can become a little crowded. Our in depth knowledge of the area allows us to take you to less known sites, whenever possible, and so gives you a better experience. We also offer exclusive sites outside of the immediate Budleigh area to see beavers, perfect for photography.

We know the best places to see other wildlife too

Aside from watching beavers, we are so passionate about our local wildlife that we know exactly where to find numerous exciting species on our “local patch” in East Devon, from birds to mammals, to insects and plants. We can also put you in touch with other local guides elsewhere in Devon – See our Tailor Made Wildlife Days


Don’t take our word for it – See what our clients say about our trips to see beavers in Devon on our client testimonials page.

Supporting local landowners and businesses

We believe the more we can promote beaver tourism, the more we are safeguarding the future of beavers in this region. Our tours help the landowners we work closely with at our exclusive sites in a number of ways. We do this by volunteering our time to carry out wildlife surveys on their land, helping promote accommodation for wildlife tourism or sometimes donating small amounts of money to benefit beavers. Plus we always visit local cafes and recommend local guesthouses whose owners promote beavers.

Supporting Conservation

The Devon Wildlife Trust have been instrumental in the re-introduction of beavers into Devon so we like to support them in a number of ways. By making donations to the beaver project, assisting them with beaver fieldwork during the winter months and simply encouraging others to support their work too. You can find out more on the link above.

The Beaver Fund

In the future we hope to start up a Beaver Fund made up of donations from some of our tours and from our clients. Our thinking is that this could be used to help future beaver projects in the South West.

We would love to show you our local beaver population and all the other wonderful wildlife in East Devon, so come and join us!