The beautiful Jurassic coastline by Chris Townend

Tour Summary:
The focus of the day is to enjoy a good variety of wildlife and diverse habitats within a small radius from our base in Budleigh Salterton. We will walk up to 6 miles throughout the day at a slow pace giving us time to enjoy the species we find.
There will be short drives between the sites of no more than 10 minutes.
Dates: Throughout May, June, July and August
Sites Visited: Jurassic Coast and farmland, East Devon Pebblebed Heaths and the Lower Otter River Valley.
We happily cater for the novice right through to the more serious naturalist.

Target Species:
Birds we will look for include Cirl Bunting, Rock Pipit, Shag, Fulmar, Hobby, Yellowhammer, Dartford Warbler, Stonechat, Kingfisher, Grey Wagtail and more!
Mammals we will look for include European Brown Hare, Roe Deer, Beaver and with luck, Otter.
Dragonflies, Damselflies and Butterflies we will look for very much depends on the month. Species may include Downy Emerald, Keeled Skimmer, Black-tailed Skimmer, Four-spotted Chaser, Emperor and Golden-ringed Dragonfly. Blue-tailed, Azure, Common Blue, Beautiful and Banded Demoiselle and Small Red Damselflies. Plus numerous butterflies including Grayling, Wall, Silver-studded Blue, Brown Argus, Marbled White, Silver-washed Fritillary, Small Heath and many more!
Botany interest is also impressive and we will see a good selection throughout the day.
We will happily tailor the day to your main interests


Morning: A walk along the the Jurassic Coast World Heritage site will produce wonderful views of Lyme Bay and the associated coastline. Here we should find a good selection of coastal species such as Rock Pipit, Shag, Cormorant and Fulmar and maybe a hunting Peregrine. The adjacent farmland should reveal one of the true specialities of the South West, the Cirl Bunting.

Lunch: After the coast walk, we will pop in for one of the best Devon Cream Teas in the country – Cream first of course!

Afternoon: The East Devon Pebblebed Heaths is an area of rare low lying heathland with some very special birds and dragonflies as well as some impressive botany too. We should find Dartford Warbler, Yellowhammer, Stonechat and maybe Hobby as well as a good selection of dragonflies that may include the localised Downy Emerald (June), Keeled Skimmer (Jun-Aug) and Small Red Damselfly (Jul-Aug).

Evening: We will finish the day with a walk along the River Otter to look for Beavers and with luck, we may also see Otters. We will certainly see plenty of beaver signs with recent tree gnawing and associated beaver “wood chippings” as well as “beaver sticks” and “scent mounds.” Dependent on the site we visit, we could also see some beaver dams. Animals can appear at any time during the evening right up until dusk so we will be keeping our eyes peeled!

Scroll down to see some of the wildlife we hope to share with you…..

Male Cirl Bunting on along the Jurassic Coast by Chris Townend
Roe Deer on the Pebblebed Heaths by Chris Townend
Hobby hunting on the River Otter by Chris Townend
Dartford Warbler on the Pebblebed Heaths by Chris Townend
Golden-ringed Dragonfly on the Pebblebed Heaths by Chris Townend
Eurasian beaver ‘surfing” on the River Otter by Chris Townend
An Otter at dusk on the River Otter by Chris Townend
Perfect beaver habitat on the River Otter by Helen Booker
Two Eurasian beavers in the River Otter by David White