There is plenty of wildlife to see in and around East Devon other than beavers and a day is often not enough! Therefore we would be very happy to organise additional days suited to your key interests and your experience.

If you are just starting out birdwatching then we will happily organise a day focused on identification through plumage, bird song and calls, or maybe you are more experienced but yet you have a particular species of bird that you never seem to see? We can help!
Maybe you are looking for a longer break? We offer 3 nights+ packages through our parent company Wise Birding Holidays A selection of longer tours can be found HERE.

Aside from Beavers, we can organise evenings to focus on Otters and also Water Voles.

Or maybe there is a particular rare plant that you would like to see or you simply wish to learn more?

Maybe you are particularly keen on butterflies or dragonflies?
We can help organise a day with an expert.

We have a pool of additional local guides that specialise in these areas and we would be happy to help you.
Just email us by clicking on the envelope at the top or bottom of this page.